The Portland Triathlon supports a variety of causes, by donating to volunteer groups, civic organizations, and local clubs                                                                                                .

Our chosen non profit organization for the 2014 Portland Triathlon is Open Meadow, which is based in the North Portland Community we race in.

Since 1971, Open Meadow has been making a difference in the lives of North Portland youth. Open Meadow Schools offers a personalized educational experience for middle and high school youth. Our mission is to develop connection, capability, and confidence in disconnected youth through relationship-based, quality learning experiences that result in academic, personal, and community success.

Open Meadow is a 501(c)3, non-profit, accredited, educational organization serving youth who have not fared well in the public schools. Many of our students dropped out of public school; many struggled with attendance, academic, or disciplinary issues. We believe that all of them deserve a quality education.