The Portland Triathlon is proud to be an Amateur Qualifier for the Best of the US Triathlon.  Top 2 Amateur Oregonian men and women qualify from our race.

From Best of the US's website:

When you register for a Best of the U.S. Qualifier Race, you know you're in the best of hands.

Best of the U.S. is honored to associate with race directors and companies of only the highest-caliber. Whether you're trying for a PR, a Best of the U.S. Championship berth, or simply to finish your race with your best effort, you'll have the professionalism and excellence of the best race management teams around. We're proud that the BOUS Race Schedule features quality events and directors of highest integrity who are deeply committed to the sport, and to service.

Therein lies the heart and soul of our sport--passionate, joyful connection with our inner selves, each other, and our communities, at the grassroots level. Our aim is to create opportunities for you to engage with similar local tri scenes all across the country, by highlighting the special races and athletes that comprise Best of the U.S. A sort of community without borders, if you will.

Beyond recognizing top-performing citizen athletes, Best of the U.S. is all about celebrating the race directors, volunteers, the politicians, bureaucracies and local constabulary who enable us to safely swim, bike and run across their waterways and around their streets and parks.

To learn more, please see:  http://bestoftheustriseries.com/home.html